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Homeopathy is Nanomedicine

In the United States, Iris Bell, MD, PhD, is at the forefront of research in the field of Homeopathy. She explains that there is now enough scientific evidence that Homeopathic remedies are “nanoparticles of the source material.” We are at a stage where “debate over “placebo effects” [should be replaced by] a serious scientific consideration of how nanoparticles can act in the body to stimulate healing processes.”

It has been shown that nanoparticles can “initiate an adaptive process in the cell or organism known as hormesis” where low doses can deliver benefits while higher doses can be toxic and produce side effects. The best part is that hormesis can lead to an “increased ability of the cell or organism to cope better, faster, and more effectively with future stressors or threats to survival as soon as they arise.”

To read Dr. Bell’s description of Homeopathy as nanomedicine, please see her website http://howdoesHomeopathywork.net/.

I also suggest watching a webinar organized by the National Center of Homeopathy on May 15th, 2013, on “Homeopathy as a form of Nanomedicine: What the Latest Research Shows” where Dr. Bell presented her ideas.


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Previous explanations of how dilute remedies work http://www.Homeopathy-soh.org/research/research-and-the-society/action-of-dilute-medicines/

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